SDF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS for the Best Management

Name Tittle Career
Setthana Sophakantri Chairman President of Lao Import Export Bank (LIEB)
Reiner Zeische Vice Chairman Vice President of Staatsbank
Hiroki Shiokawa President & CEO・COO Former Deputy COO OF ITOCHU Plant Project Divi., President of CEO & COO of HDD Japan Corporation (HJC).
Kraidejt Supsin-Amnuay Executive Vice President Overseas Liason of LIEB
Montakarn Khiawwichai Executive Vice President CEO of LIEB
Hirotoshi Yamaguchi Executive Vice President Former Representative Director of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
Kevin Magenis Executive Vice President Former Founder & CEO of CORNICE Co., USA
Yoh Narimatsu Senior Vice President Former President of Agilent Technologies
Akiko Shiokawa Senior Vice President Adviser of HJC
Eiichiro Iida Vice President Former Deputy GM of Miyoshi Patent Office
Keiji Majima Vice President Former Deputy GM of Nissan Securities HJC Director
Takashi Hirano Vice President Former GM of Mitsui & Co., HJC Director
Koichiro Shiokawa Special Adviser Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Visiting Professor at Teikyo Univ., 
Keishi Fujii Financial Special Adviser Former Representative Director of MUFG Bank